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ABC&I is the expert company in the advanced discipline of NOx-reduction. ABC&I is supplying high technology deNOx-systems for the heavy, energy intensive industry. Successful deliveries of NOx-reduction projects have been carried out for the energy recovering industry, incineration plants, refineries, steel mills, the pulp- and paper industry, the cement industry etc.

The first deNOx-project was performed already 1991. Since then ca 50 deNOx projects have been delivered. In the design and optimisation work, advanced computer based tools like 3-D CAD, CFD and mathematical modelling are used. Advanced high performance contruction materials are used in components exposed for the combined aggressive forces from high temperature, corrosion and abrasive wear.

An intelligent control system software is adapting the deNOx-system operation to the dynamic and complex operation of the NOx-producing plant. Optimisation of operational performance is an important part of the supplied high technogly system.

In the scope of supply, a complete handling and storage system is designed for all relevant deNOx chemical agents. Risk analysis are made from case to case application.

In the selection of NOx-reduction technology, two main alternatives are normally evaluated. SCR and SNCR. In most of the made evaluations in past projects, the SNCR technology has been found to be the most appropriate technical solution. Investment costs, maintenance and operation costs as well as deNOx performance have been superior or equivalent in respect to defined requirements.


The mechanism of NO2 -formation and elimination, is the unique specialist competence of the ABC&I company.